Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's football time...or it was...

We had out big tailgate spread again this was even bigger than last year. Old friends, new friends, family, and coworkers...It was a great way to spend the fall! If the Titans had won more, it would have been about perfect! Well, here it is in pictures...

Gary manning his massive grill with a little help from BillMitch and Megan taking a break from their own football game
Jack and Alex. Not many pictures of them this year. They were too busy playing most of the time.
John, Leiber, and Gary
Me and Erin
Me and Lindsay
Me and Amy
My cousin, Ryan and his oldest son, Cole even stopped by
Jake's ready to go play football!
In the game...Gary having fun with his two youngest boys
Mitch and Gary talking some serious football
The girls...Amy, me, Lindsay
The guys...Gary, Neal (belongs to Lindsay), and Ryan (belongs to Ryan). Let's not forget Mitch and Jake, too.
That's about it for Titans football!

More August 2010

No point in stating the obvious...I'm behind!

Anyway, here's what August held for us, other than Mitch starting Kindergarten.

Mimi and I took Mitch and Jake to the County Fair. I already knew that Mitch shared my love of rides, but this was Jake's first chance. I wasn't sure what to expect when he got on his first ride, but as usual...he didn't dissapoint! He loves them, too!
Me and my little junior farmers.
Jake and Mitch drinking their chocolate milk that they "bought" with the money earned by "working" the farm. Sad to say this was Jake's first ever chocolate milk!
Gary enterred the Music City BBQ Festival with some friends. They didn't win, but they had a great time and got entirely too many ideas! They spent 3 nights on Jeff's boat and days grilling and drinking in the August heat! The boys and I took a trip down to check it all out one night. They loved it, too!
Left to Right: Gary, Stacy, Jeff, Mark
"Two Chefs and Jeff" set up
Jake in his truest on his face and sweating because he doesn't know how to sit still! I love that sweet face! :)
Mitch is serious about his BBQ!
My friend (and partner in crime), Lindsay and I enjoyed the ease of going out with only 2 kids. It's been a long time since we could run man on man defense. You would think that after years of wrangling 4-5 kids, we could keep 2 from climbing on the displays at Children's Place! The worst part is probably the fact that we both got our cameras out to snap off a few before we made them get down!

Aside from football starting, that pretty much sums up August. But football/tailgating is a post all in itself!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I ALMOST feel sorry for them...

I don't know how many of you saw the Bama/Michigan State Bowl game, but it really wasn't much of a game! Bama won 49-7!

These are some quotes from the Michigan State 24/7 Sports forum board. Even if you aren't a Bama fan, you have to love some of these...they are great!

"Julio takin' us to schoolio"

"why are they allowing Alabama to play with 35 players on defense?"

"I think their punter is currently drinking around the world in Epcot." (from the early 3rd quarter) ...just for the record, I don't understand this one...

"If we played 10 times, they would win 15"

"If Cam Newton costs $200,000 for a season, how much is a 2nd half rental?"

"and now Cousins is dead" (referring to MSU's starting QB)

"If I was our QB I would hire an attorney and sue them for negligence or intentional infliction of physical and emotional distress."

"I'm ready to accept MSU boosters paying for an offensive line. If we get caught I can deal with it."

"This is getting out of Alabama d-lineman just popped out of my TV and threw me 10 yards behind my couch."

"Do you think this is how Custer felt?"

"We're going to have a wing named after us at Orlando Regional Medical Center by the time this game finishes."

"This is embarrassing. So are we officially a basketball school again?"

"I want to know how many times in the history of organized football that teams have punted on 4th and goal"

"So this is what they mean by team speed"

"if i'm Maxwell, I fake an injury on the way to the huddle" (Referring to the backup QB, who was knocked out of the game three plays later)

"good lord. Their 4th string running back just ran through our entire defense and all we could do was swing our purses at him."


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Out of the mouth of Mitch

Mitch had his friend, Georgia, over to play this afternoon. She's in his class, rides his bus, and lives 4 houses away, and they can't seem to see enough of each other! Today while she was over, Jake was following them around driving them crazy. Mitch comes out of the Bonus Room, and says, "Mommy, Jake won't leave us alone. Me and Georgia need to be alone for a little while." What?!? Did my 5 year old honestly just tell me that? It took all I had not to laugh. In case you were wondering...request DENIED! :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Time for Kindergarten!

My baby started Kindergarten in August! Can you believe it? We have full day Kindergarten here, so he gets on the bus at 8:00am and gets off at 4:00pm! He loves it, though. His teacher his wonderful (and is even a Bama fan), and he already knew people in his class. There are 2 girls from our neighborhood, and 2 boys from his baseball team in his class. There's even a boy whose little brother was in Jake's Kindermusik class last year!

Starting school was about a 3-day event here, in case you are wondering why he has on 3 different outfits.

They have a great way of introducing the kids to school here. Each kid has a "small group day". They go for a partial day with only about 5-6 kids from their class. It allows the teachers to help them learn about the school, the classroom, and lunchroom procedures on a more individual basis. These are pictures from his small group day...

Before school photo shoot

Outside his school

Walking to his classroom. He looks so tiny in that big hall!

In his classroom before I left my baby for his first day of Kindergarten! He was so completely "Mitch"! No tears, no hesitation...just "Bye Mommy!"

Picking him up from his small group day. Jake was VERY excited to see his big brother. He missed him!

Then there was his first full day with his whole class!
Mitch eating breakfast before his first full day of school

He begged to ride the bus, but Gary and I wanted to take him to his first full day

Mitch with his teacher, Mrs. Conway
My plan was to wait a few days before letting him ride the school bus, but he drove me crazy asking to ride it, and I just gave in. He rode the bus on his second full day of school! Here is my little guy waiting for that great big school bus to pick him up and take him to school.
Getting on the bus for the first time

He made it!!!! Here he is coming home! That's Emma (our neighbor) with him. She's in 2nd grade, and helped him find his class for the first few days.

He's about 2 months in now, and he's doing great! He still loves school, and is learning so much! He knows and can write all of his letters, both upper and lower case, and he knows all of the sounds that they make. He is starting to read. He recognizes a few "sight words" and is doing great at sounding out words. He can count to 100 and adds some small numbers. He recognizes patterns and knows all of his shapes. He gets along well with all of his classmates, and follows directions well. He enjoys doing his homework, but we definitely need to work on his handwriting. We'll working on it though!

Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Lake Days

We had another great summer on the lake! We spent almost every weekend out on Old Hickory (except for when it was closed because of the flood). The kids are becoming real water boys...all 4 of them!

Jake LOVES to ride the Jet Ski. He prefers for it to be moving, but he's not picky...he'll sit on it while it's tied to the boat (with the key out of course) or even on the trailer in the garage. As a matter of fact, we are pretty sure Gary lost a brand new pair of high dollar sunglasses to Jake's love of the Jet Ski. They were in one of the cup holders on the boat...and then they weren't! It was right after Gary had gone out the Jet Ski and had told Jake he couldn't ride that time. We don't have any proof, but we are pretty sure Jake sent them for a swim! Jake also kneeboarded and tubed a few times.

Alex tried skiing a few times, but I think he preferred learning to drive the Jet Ski. Next year, he'll have his license and Jack will have to share drive time! :) He also liked to kneeboard and tube, but I think Alex's favorite thing to do on the lake is good old fashion jumping in!

Mitch is dying to try to ski, but we don't have any skis small enough for him, so he had to settle for tubing and kneeboarding. We may need to put skis on his Christmas list. He got pretty good at kneeboarding, and he thought he was great...he liked to show off and do "one arm". He loves to jump in also, especially when Alex is out there.

Jack is really our water boy, though! There is nothing that boy won't try! He is our official Jet Ski driver. He learned to ski last year and got really good at it this year. He loves to kneeboard and is working on tricks. He even learned to slalom (ski on one ski). He also helps us with the little guys when they kneeboard. He is such a big help, that I almost don't even want to go if Jack can't go with us!

Jeff and Erin (and Megan) were out there pretty much every weekend also, so we tied up with them almost every weekend. We had friends out with us a few different weekends, and we went up to Center Hill with friends one weekend. It was a great that left us wanting a houseboat! We'll see what next summer brings....keep your fingers crossed that we can make it happen! We love out pontoon boat, but it just doesn't have enough room to bring a lot of people out with us.

So, that's the verbal is the summer in pictures:

Jake's favorite place
Left to Right: Luke, Jake, Mitch, Sam, Gabe

Jack and Alex on Jet Ski

Mitch and Megan and Cedar Creek Yacht Club's Memorial Day Picnic

Jack helping Jake kneeboard for his first time (at Center Hill)

Jack helping Jake jump off of the top of Ryan and Amy's pontoon boat...he only did that once! :)

Alex jumping


Jack helped Thomas jump off also
Left to Right: Thomas, Jake, Robert, Mitch as we were getting ready to head out on Center Hill
Tyce kneeboarding when he and his family came out with us one afternoon.
Christian and Alex
Jake in time out on the boat (BEFORE he threw Gary's sunglasses overboard)

Christina, Mitch, and Leroy tubing
Christian, Alex, and Jake tubing
Christina, Baby Christian, and Leroy